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More than 30 years of experience

Our company group

Coral and Continental Gas Group consists of four companies: Continental Distribution and Development Ltd., Switzerland; Coral Gas International Ltd., Malta; Continental Dynamics d.o.o., Croatia; and Continental Dynamics International SA, Switzerland.


The Coral and Continental Group has been present on the European LPG market for over 40 years. We take pride in being characterised, amongst other attributes, by the long tradition of cooperation with the most esteemed gas and energy groups in Europe.


Our continued and coherent growth is a result of our innovative ideas and impeccable specific know-how in the field of energy derivatives, with the emphasis on petrochemical market segment and LPG/pure gasses for aerosol production. Striving to offer more than plain logistic solutions, the Coral and Continental Group has invested time and effort in creating added value for our end-users whilst simultaneously ensuring strong ties through various joint ventures with significant distributors in several countries throughout Europe and Asia.


By pursuing LPG and petrochemicals export in the areas defined by significant potential for an increasing future demand for quality product, the Coral and Continental Gas Group took full advantage of current market’s volatility and the chances that lay ahead.

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What we do

The Coral and Continental Gas Group has always been extremely proud of its efforts in planned investments for the optimization of its business. We strive to optimize the whole supply chain to enable stable supply at competitive prices. Today while the markets are becoming even more interlaced, we are more and more convinced on the severity of global market changes and their impact on any business’ supply chain. We have diversified our supply sources and secured long-term relationships with major producers, which minimizes any risk that might endanger our business cycle.

Our detailed knowledge of international markets is our advantage. We are observant of global gas flow trends, quotation mobility, regulatory regimes, and all other aspects that could affect both current and future markets. We research, we plan, and we act using our extensive know-how and ensure that our business partners have a reliable supply source throughout the year.

Team of professionals

Structure & Leadership

Daniel Vukov, Chairman

Mr. Daniel Vukov is the pioneer of LPG business and one of the most prominent gas experts in Europe with over 40 years of experience in the gas by-products industry. Nurturing the relationships with the biggest LPG terminals in Europe he has obtained an immense experience and specific know-how that has enabled him to educate young management on how to strive for greatness.

He has personally been involved in the creation and the development for the currently most prominent European storages: Vopak (Netherlands) and Lavera (France). Having occupied the position of the director of Montana Energie-Handel GmbH in Germany for over 30 years, has resulted in numerous business connections with all major refineries throughout Europe and Asia.

Mr. Vukov is an author of several books and expert publications on gas and gas structure investments.

Filip Prizmic, CEO

Mr. Filip Prižmić possess a unique and well-balanced combination of theoretical knowledge, gathered through education within well-known and regarded business schools in Croatia, Canada and Switzerland, and well applied set of skills that he has engaged to business-related opportunities while being always reliant on well-grounded analysis, elegant solutions, and reliable economic forecast.

Basing his company concept on maximum monitoring of business activities and information through all spheres of the business cycle (Supply Chain Management), with years of work experience in both commodity trading, gas/energy trading and marketing of specialised gas and petrochemical products, his specific talent combined with agility of making quality business decisions brought competitive advantages to our Group business activities.

Mr. Prižmić has a proven track record in commodity supply chain reaching from operations to trade finance and customers relations. His strength that lies in market analysis with effective trading strategies was rewarded by success of our Group activities and its development.

Anti-corruption policy

Zero tolerance for corruption

This policy document describes how Coral Continental Group works to prevent corruption or financial irregularities.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Respect for the Individual

A code of ethics and professional conduct outlines the ethical principles that govern decisions and behavior at Coral Continental Group.

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